Emergency Services

Emergency Services


Emergency Services is a dynamic and challenging market segment as it has unique and demanding requirements for the M2M market. The requirements range from in-vehicle computing, messaging, remote diagnostics, vehicle management, real time tracking, real time traffic information and database management.

M2M Emergency Services has the ability to provide real time information back to the central control point to improve the handling of an emergency situation. For example, hospitals can be better prepared for incoming patients and also provide in-transit care, all from the information being relayed from the field back into the hospital.  A growing area of business for M2M Connectivity is in providing dual-mode communications terminals to various emergency services groups. Here we provide units that communicate over both 3G/NextG and satellite to provide coverage beyond cellular networks and where these networks are out of action.  Such communications are particularly useful for emergency services groups operating across the countryside, for instance, country fire authorities or remote police vehicles.

M2M Connectivity has a range of products to support the emergency services with clear voice and data communication with our range wireless of products whether it be Bluetooth, 3G, LTE, satellite, or dual-mode.

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Case Study – Connected IO Failover Use Case

Case Study – Connected IO Failover Use Case

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