Strega Technologies began operations in 2011 and their team are experienced in Automation, SCADA and communications.
They are Remote Monitoring experts, creating solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). A particular focus today is on the smart control of valves used in irrigation and flow control.
Using their in-depth knowledge in this area, Strega have built a solution integrating LoRaWAN technology into smart valves to provide wireless remote control and management of the valves. Strega’s solution is a smarter way to control the valves thanks to their Scheduler, allowing the solution to overcome the issues of LoRaWAN being a best efforts network for data (i.e. some data packet loss).
Besides to be able turn ON/OFF a valve from a platform, the scheduler is locally store in the device memory for controlling the valves at a predefined interval avoiding under or over watering the crops.




Case Study – Golf Course Irrigation

Case Study – Golf Course Irrigation

Turf-grass for golfing requires good soil and adequate levels of sunlight, nutrients, and water in order to endure a wide range of environmental extremes and withstand constant traffic

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