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Always Connected staff even when they leave cellular coverage with a dual-mode LTE + Satellite solution

Powered by Sierra Wireless MP70 LTE router + Iridium SBD + M2M design

Protect and support your remote workers with Always Connected dual mode LTE + Satellite solutions.

M2M Connectivity’s Dual Mode Mobile Connectivity Solutions provides transport and logistics companies as well as companies with remote field workers with continuous connectivity and visibility of your staff wherever they may be. With OH&S/EH&S laws continually tightening and worker safety critical, implementing a dual mode LTE + satellite solution to provide real time visibility of staff who may leave normal cellular coverage is critical.  Being able to communicate to your staff when out of cellular coverage also makes commercial sense (e.g. job despatch, rerouting a driver)

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Key features

Always Connected

Always on reporting of GNSS location data and for any critical events such as accidents, safety-of-life panic button, driver performance, and job despatch/completion reporting

Fully Integrated Solution

We provide a fully integrated solution for LTE and satellite fallback connected to your current cloud systems

Add on extra services to support OH&S requirements

We have integrated a number of driver safety systems with LTE and satellite including Vault, Seeing Machines and SmartCap.  If you have another system talk to us about how to integrate this


Know where people and assets are

When staff operate within cellular coverage it is easy to get data on where they are, to communicate on work matters and to report on any incidents. Adding a failover connection to satellite for those occasions where a person leaves cellular allows you to know where staff are all the time.

Improve remote work efficiency

Using satellite as a failover you can reach staff when out of cellular coverage. This allows you to manage work flows, issue jobs, close jobs,… increasing the efficiency of you and your workforce.

Meet OH&S/EH&S requirements and keep your staff safe

Unfortunately there will be incidents and accidents to staff in vehicles outside cellular coverage. Under Australian laws employers have obligations to protect their staff at all times.  Adding satellite failover helps achieve compliance – you are now able to monitor staff and get and respond to alerts should there be an incident wherever they are. M2M Connectivity integrates many driver safety and panic button systems into our dual mode LTE + Satellite solutions so that they work beyond cellular

Always connected without charging the earth!

Satellite is really expensive. Right? Wrong. M2M Connectivity will work with you to find a satellite dual mode solution to meet your capex and opex budgets. Hardware can be as low as $5-700 for satellite and running costs may be as low as $20-30 a month using some of the two way messaging systems available. Of course we can also offer high end full IP solutions but these be at a greater cost.

How it works

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