Migrating from old circuit switched data (CSD) services to an IP based communications service

In Australia, most cellular network operators are looking to stop new CSD service connections. Today it is very difficult to source SIM cards supporting CSD and we expect networks to soon start to announce switch off of the same services.
CSD (or dialup over GSM) has been well utilized in M2M applications, particularly across vertical markets such as security and utilities. The vast majority of these are legacy solutions and most modern applications do not use CSD.  Until carriers openly declare that CSD will not be supported, enterprises with devices using CSD will delay migration from CSD to packet switching to avoid costly infrastructure replacement.
CSD is an inefficient use of network bandwidth, as unused capacity guaranteed to a CSD connection cannot be used by other connections on the same network. Packet switching in all–IP communications is a much better use of limited channel resources and allows more users on a network.
Aside from the risks of withdrawal of CSD at some stage in the future, CSD is also much more expensive than IP packet data when paying per minutes for CSD usage.
M2M Connectivity has developed a turnkey solution to emulate CSD over IP.  This service was developed for the many legacy M2M devices using CSD.  Using Netcomm modems and code provided by M2M Connectivity, the M2M solution can set up an IP call that 100% emulates CSD.  The customer using CSD does not have to change their back-end systems and benefits from cost savings by moving from a CSD SIM to a M2M SIM using just 1-2MB data per month.
The CSD/IP emulation is provided on 3G modems, providing a degree of future proofing, not just by removing reliance on CSD services from the networks (which will be turned off at some stage), but by ensuring the CSD emulation is provided over a network with longer life.  Further, the service from M2M Connectivity includes detailed device management using Sierra Wireless AVMS platform – this is used in part to allow customers to update the modems at some stage in the future should they have updated their back-end systems to a full IP system.
The M2M CSD/IP Emulation solution is available today from M2M Connectivity. Customers can roll out the service and continue to use “CSD” architecture for their back-end and remote devices in the field. In future if this emulation is not required as the customer has migrated to a full IP network then the remote modems can be updated over the air to support such connectivity.