Digital Matter G62 LoRaWAN GPS Asset Tracker



The G62 LoRaWAN is a rugged GPS tracking device that has been designed for tracking vehicles, equipment, pumps, generators, and any assets with a power source.

The IP67 rated housing is rugged and made of super tough nylon-glass, so the G62 LoRaWAN can be mounted on assets that are exposed to rain, dust, oils, marine and outdoor conditions.

The wide input voltage range of 8V to 45V means it can operate across a wide range of machinery types, and the internal backup battery means that the unit can report tampering or loss of external power, and continue to operate for many days without external power.

The G62 LoRaWAN has a high-performance GNSS module (GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, QZSS), a 3D accelerometer and internal antennas for GPS and LoRaWAN communications.

The G62 LoRaWAN operates on both private and public LoRaWAN networks around the world to give you coverage of your assets at a low data cost. The G62 LoRaWAN is available in 868MHz and 915MHz versions to cater for the various LoRaWAN regions around the world and includes AS923.

Key Features

  • High performance GPS and accelerometer
  • Ignition line + 2 x digital inputs, 1 x analog input, 1 x switched ground output
  • Great for location, run hours and odometer tracking of vehicles and equipment
  • Supports all LoRaWAN regions
  • Compact IP67 rugged weather-proof device
  • Internal backup battery – track and report even with external power disconnected
  • Configuration via USB cable and over-the-air via downlink messages

Additional information