Raven Desktop Smartphone



The Noabe (formerly Jablocom) Raven is an android desktop smartphone. It provides the familiar form of desktop phone, while offering a SIM card, the features of your smartphone, and even the generous touchscreen of your tablet. The Raven desktop smartphone works on 3G 900 | 2100 networks and features Intuitive touch control, applications and synchronisation – the latest trends brought to your desk for office use.

The Raven android deskphone offers integrated camera and sensitive microphone for videoconferencing and Google Play providing applications for any kind of business and allows you to fit Raven to your specific needs.  This desktop smartphone synchronizes contacts and other important data with your mobile, maintaining one set of always up-to-date data across Microsoft and Google ecosystems.

The Raven can be remotely managed and fits strict security policies with remote lock and wipe available and supports your favorite headsets and EHS.

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