Wireless Solutions Tri-Function Telematics Antenna


This Cellular, Wifi, GPS/GNSS Telematics Antenna offers a “3 in 1” product for vehicle communications and telematics.
The housing incorporates antennas for Cellular/LTE, Dual Band WiFi and GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU with a 26dB gain LNA.

Meeting the requirements of UNECE Regulation R 118, the antenna is suitable for use in M3 Category vehicles (Transportation). The antenna housing is UV-resistant and flame retardant, while the 3m length integrated coaxial cables are flame retardant, low smoke specification.

The antenna offers easy and quick installation on/under the dashboard or on the windshield using the supplied acrylic adhesive pad *

* Performance may change depending on mounting position/surface. The product is not suitable for mounting on conductive surfaces or metallic windows.

Key Features

  • Tri-Function Telematics Antenna
  • Dashboard or Windshield Mount
  • Cellular, WIFI and GPS/GNSS
  • Suitable for M3 Category vehicles (UNECE Reg 118)
  • Available with SMA or FAKRA connectors


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Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet