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M2M & IoT Modems

Whether you’re after a cellular or smart industrial IoT 4G modem, a high-speed router or require a satellite modem for usage in remote locations, our range has you covered.
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IoT modems are devices that receive wireless data from remote sensors and forward the collected data to a different communications format.

For instance Bluetooth, TCP, Serial or other popular communications formats.

In a nutshell, an IoT modem will transfer data bytes from one format to another. Unlike IoT gateways, IoT modems don’t require firmware updates as it’s not their job to interpret the data in any way.

Converting data types means all of the interpretation of sensor data is completed at the software or server level rather than the IoT gateway level.

Types of modems

Not all modems are created equal, and when it comes to your IoT needs, having the right modem for the job is paramount. There are a range of IoT 4G modem options available that will ensure you get the data speed you need, when you need it.

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4G LTE Modems

LTE stands for Long-term Evolution, and in the world of modems this will generally refer to 4G cellular modem which connects to your router to provide steady 4G connectivity wherever you are, which is a necessity when it comes to IoT technology. We utilise Robustel modem and gateway products. Robustel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial-quality solutions for the IoT and M2M market.

SBD Satellite Modems

SBD, or Short Burst Data modems are satellite modems that offer GPS tracking, local wireless sensor and bluetooth capability. This allows you to leverage your existing terrestrial-based solutions for applications such as fleet management, telematics and safety purposes. We offer a range of Iridium satellite modems. At its core, Iridium is a tech platform that enables connectivity and communication around the globe. Their core technologies (both hardware and software) allow them to create solutions to just about any problem.


From high-speed 300Mbps broadband routers to quad-cellular mobile powerhouses capable of combining the best of 5G and LTE, routers offer maximum data speed and redundancy. With expansion modules available, routers offer versatile high-speed solutions. Our Peplink routers provide ultimate connectivity, with Peplink’s engineer-driven innovation. They provide solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible.

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Why M2M Connectivity?

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

We specialise in IoT connectivity for Smart Cities, Smart Utilities, Asset Tracking, Agriculture, Security and emergency applications.. and more.

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

From hardware to solutions – we help businesses to design, deploy and manage their connectivity requirements.

Our People

Our People

We have deep engineering expertise in IoT – who ensure you have the best fit soluton for your business.

Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships

We partner with worlds best carrier and technology vendors, to meet a broad range of industry use cases.

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