Performance Series

Introducing the XR Series – The World’s Most Advanced 5G Routers

Supercharge your 5G deployments with the industry’s highest-performing multi-network 5G routers. Our XR series delivers the fastest speeds on the best performing networks, even in the most challenging environments. Our XR solutions offer complete device-to-cloud security and remote management capabilities so you can be confident that your devices are operating at top performance. Priced to drive adoption, the XR series shows that the best 5G experience and performance is possible for any 5G application.
Performance Series
AirLink® XR90 5G High-Performance
Multi-Network Vehicle Router
5G High-Performance Multi-Network Vehicle Router for Transit, Rail and First Responder Fleets
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Performance Series
AirLink® XR80 5G High-Performance
Multi-Network Router
5G High-Performance Multi-Network Router for Public Safety, Field Service Fleets and Mission-Critical Fixed Applications
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