Major Australian and New Zealand Telecommunications providers such as Telstra, Spark, Optus and Vodafone are utilising their cellular networks to offer Narrowband and Cat M1 IoT technologies.


So why use the Cellular IoT/NB-IoT network? Here are a few reasons:

Battery Life

Better Coverage


Cat M1 is well-suited to applications that use 100s of kilobits of data per second, providing them with extended range and long battery life.
This includes items from Healthcare and Industrial applications such as personal health monitors, or devices used to measure vehicle performance.

Narrowband IoT is better suited to applications sending even smaller amounts of data, and operating with an even longer battery life, such as Agricultural moisture sensors or livestock tracking devices.


Leverage the benefits of an existing cellular network through Cat M1 or NB-IoT.

Our sister company M2M One have connected thousands of devices around Australia by providing IoT SIM cards and network airtime to SMEs.

View Telstra’s Cat M1 Coverage Map 

View Optus’ Cellular Coverage Map