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  • Alicia Asin Perez, Founder & Director at Libelium
  • Paul Stapleton, Director at PLF Australia (Precision Livestock Farming)
  • Patrick Eckel, CEO at DigIOv

Key topics

  • Data-Driven Farming
  • Emerging Connected Technologies & Agriculture Applications
  • Sensors & Infrastructure
  • Best Design for Bridging the gap


An opportunity to hear from world-leading experts how IoT technology can increase agricultural efficiency and help the sector ride the wave of innovation heading its way – from 5G to new farm-focused systems and devices.

Agriculture is one of the world’s oldest industries and finds itself at a technological crossroads. Disrupted by climate change, constantly shifting demand for exports, and a growing global population, the sector is searching for new ways to remain relevant, sustainable and profitable. Rapid technological transformation, which helps farmers and producers find new efficiencies in land use, water use and crop management, is required.