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Public Safety & Emergency Services

Unbreakable SD-WAN for Public Safety

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Network downtime means lives lost. Get your network up to speed for NG911. Ensure a high speed, low latency connectivity for your entire network so first responders can focus on doing their job.

Connectivity that Never Quits

Bring in Higher Bandwidths without the need for costly infrastructure

The bandwidth from a single connection may not be enough to support field operations. When multiple people rely on the same connection, more bandwidth is needed for effective communication.

Solution: Bonding

Bandwidth bonding combines data at the packet level, enabling users to combine the speed of multiple connections. Make sure data transfer speeds won’t suffer while driving to the site and stay connected while you’re there.

Enhance your network
for Zero Downtime

A strong, constant connection is absolutely necessary for first responder work. Whether it’s through active calls or data transmission, no outages makes communication faster and more efficient.

Solution: Failover

In the event of a network outage, Hot Failover transfers traffic to healthy connections while maintaining session persistence. Live comms, video streams and data transfers will stay up in the toughest of deployments.

Supercharge your Satellite Collections for reliable connectivity

With the increasing prevalence of satellite options thanks to Starlink, going online in the middle of nowhere is no longer impossible. Resilient and reliable connectivity however, is still a challenge.

Solution: Pepkink Integration

With the addition of Peplink, you can achieve seamless connectivity by bonding and load balancing multiple Starlink connections.

Software Features


Supercharge your connection with more bandwidth and more reliability.


Manage all your network devices on your private network more security.

Edge Computing

Install sensor trackers, video AI recognition tools for faster response times.

Hardware Features

Global Licensing

Certified with FirstNet (AT&T) and Emergency Service Network (ESN).

Advanced GPS Features

Easily keep track of the entire fleet with built-in GPS features.


Designed for mobile use with multiple certifications to back it up.

Peplink enables…

Law Enforcement / Police

  • Stream high quality live surveillance footage back to HQ.
  • Access police databases via Mobile Data Terminals (MDT).
  • Real time AI recognition (e.g. Facial / Gunshot / License Plates).

Emergency Medical Responders (EMS)

  • Maintain ambulances access to EPCR records in remote locations.
  • Transmit the patient’s real time vital signals to the hospital.
  • Real time telemedicine.


  • Access building plans paired with accurate GPS location data.
  • Locate potentially hazardous materials in nearby sites while on the go.
  • Real time bushfire maps.

Command Center

  • Sync up Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) with live vehicle GPS locations.
  • Tele-operate drones (UAVs), and robots with no worries of losing connection.
  • Install custom software on router for enhanced security and efficiency.

Remote / Temporary Sites

  • Manage on-site satellite connections (Starlink) from HQ.
  • Bond multiple satellite antennas for reliable livestreams where cell service can’t reach.
  • Docker/KVM support for edge computing purposes.

Peplink case studies

Peplink Case StudiesM2M IoT Case Studies

Kymeta Partners with Peplink to Provide Hybrid Connectivity

Kymeta Partners with Peplink to Provide Hybrid Connectivity Formed in 2012, Kymeta was the first company to use metamaterials to develop satellite antennas that are robust, low-profile, and far more…
Peplink Case StudiesM2M IoT Case Studies

Munhall Bureau of Fire & Santa Run, USA

Munhall Bureau of Fire & Santa Run, USA Munhall Bureau of Fire is a municipal volunteer fire department in the Pennsylvania state. They were switched from their local borough dispatch…
Peplink Case Studies

Mobile Command Center for Protection & Rescue Zurich Locks In Secure Connectivity

Mobile Command Center for Protection & Rescue Zurich Locks In Secure Connectivity Protection & Rescue unites Medical Service, Fire Service, Civil Defense, Fire Prevention Police, and Operational Control Center under…

Public Safety Solutions

Unbreakable SD-WAN for Public Safety Professionals

Achieve a robust and secure wireless network for any public safety agency by providing rapid speeds, ultra-low latency, and unmatchable connectivity to strengthen communications.

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InControl 2 Virtual Appliance

Cloud-Based SD-WAN Network Management Platform

InControl2 Virtual Appliance (ICVA) can be hosted on any private server hardware, giving network administrators complete management and control over sensitive data and security.

ICVA also supports REST API, enabling easy integration with your existing systems.

Truly Seamless Connectivity

Only Peplink can deliver truly seamless connectivity out of the box. No need to add 3rd party VPNs or other devices. Any device or application you care about can have a zero logout, zero drop experience.

No Compromises

What is the point of a private network if your network’s management system is on the public Internet? Peplink gives you a no compromise option to run the management system in your own private network, or use our secure hosted cloud.

Speed Matters

SpeedFusion is packet level technology that takes all available links and shares the load, even for a single application. Competitors only spread each application to one or another connection, leaving them vulnerable and unable to react quickly if that connection fades.

Pay for
what you NEED

Peplink delivers connectivity with better technology at a better price. How? We invest our money into engineering instead of an army of sales people. The results speak for themselves and we partner with local experts to make sure you have great support.

Ready for anything

We can transparently bridge remote sites to local networks and have hardware and software devices to allow your team to architect solutions that are impossible for others to achieve.

Why M2M Connectivity?

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

We specialise in IoT connectivity for Smart Cities, Smart Utilities, Asset Tracking, Agriculture, Security and emergency applications.. and more.

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

From hardware to solutions – we help businesses to design, deploy and manage their connectivity requirements.

Our People

Our People

We have deep engineering expertise in IoT – who ensure you have the best fit soluton for your business.

Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships

We partner with worlds best carrier and technology vendors, to meet a broad range of industry use cases.

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