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Home / M2M IoT Case Studies / Smart Cities Posts / Controlling Hot Water Networks in Hotels with the IoT – Building Monitoring
Home / M2M IoT Case Studies / Smart Cities Posts / Controlling Hot Water Networks in Hotels with the IoT – Building Monitoring

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The Ibis Confluence  (ACCOR group) consists of two entities: Ibis Budget and Ibis Style, spread over a 7-storey building and containing 84 and 95 rooms respectively. Both hotels offer a wide range of budget hotels for business and leisure guests.


In any hotel structure, customer satisfaction is the priority issue. Ensuring their well-being remains one of the main concerns for the director of IBIS Lyon Confluence. Among the elements to be considered are the maintenance and proper functioning of the hotel’s sanitary facilities, such as hot water networks (DHW).

Poor maintenance of these networks can cause the proliferation of the deadly legionella bacteria. The health risks for hotel guests are therefore significant. Controlling the non-proliferation of this is essential. Hotel structures (and more generally health establishments and establishments receiving the public) must take measures to monitor domestic hot water networks, control them and act as soon as possible if necessary.

As early as 2010, an order was issued requiring preventive and control measures to be put in place requiring hotel structures to maintain the temperature of the water between the point of distribution and the point of withdrawal at at least 55°C, the threshold below which legionella proliferates in the event of contamination.

The challenge for IBIS Lyon Confluence was to find a reliable and agile solution to control these networks.



Wattsense, Adeunis and Energisme have implemented a turnkey solution that makes it possible to monitor, control and alert the evolution of the temperature of the hot water networks.

This solution is based on:

  • the adeunis TEMP 2S sensor,
  • the Big Data and IoT Energisme platform

The Temp 2S Sensor is used to measure the water temperature at the flow and return of the heating circuit and to issue an alert when the temperature falls bellow the 55 degrees celcius threshold.

The Wattsense system ensures the data transmission to the Energisme platform, which makes them more reliable, restore them and warns stakeholders in real-time.