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PeplinkM2M IoT Case Studies

Creating a Resilient Peplink High Availability

Home / Brand / Peplink / Creating a Resilient Peplink High Availability

Case Study



Website Industry

Security and Surveillance

An American company specializing in providing wireless internet services to residential apartment buildings wishes to upgrade all existing devices to Peplink.


The company wants to upgrade all their existing devices to Peplink devices for better management. They want to have the entire network on a single platform with a centralized hub located at the headquarters that could simultaneously handle numerous locations that vary in size.


With the ability to utilize five WAN and three LAN connections, Peplink deployed a Balance 580 at the headquarters to support up to 1,000 users. With a second Balance 580 on standby mode, a High Availability architecture is created. For medium-sized locations, Balance 380s were used to host 500 users with the support of all SpeedFusion technologies. A Balance 20X with PrimeCare was installed, which can be upgraded when needed for smaller locations. These networks’ data can then be remotely accessed with InControl, allowing the company to monitor and configure the entire network infrastructure for optimal performance.