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  • James Litjens, Associate Director Emerging Technologies at Arq Group
  • Benoit Tournier, Marketing and Business Development Director, IoT Solutions at Sierra Wireless

Key topics

  • How to successfully plan your transition to 5G – devices, systems and strategy
  • The role and benefits of Digital Twins in helping to pave the way for the 5G transition
  • An introduction to Sierra Wireless’ IoT data orchestration solution Octave from device to cloud, enabling digital twins and which can help you move closer to a 5G-enabled future
  • How M2M Connectivity and Arq Group’s partnership, backed by Sierra Wireless can make a 5G-enabled future a reality for your business.


5G is set to become the next cellular standard for heavy industries around the globe. Within the next ten years, it will supersede its predecessors 4G/LTE with the assurance of faster data transmission, lower network latency, increased scalability and more resilient private networks. As a proven technology in Mining, Digital Twins present a unique use case for how organisations can plan for, and embrace, technologies to ensure they are 5G-ready. The shift to 5G will depend on successfully integrating automation and data exchange, which in turn requires reliable connectivity.

Industry will need to draw heavily on the expertise of IoT architects and solution providers to realise its potential and to carefully plan their technological transition. Arq Group and M2M Connectivity, as part of Sierra Wireless, have formed a new partnership around Digital Twins, which draws on 25 years’ experience in cellular technology and solutions.