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Home / M2M IoT Case Studies / Asset Monitoring & Tracking / Case Study 1 (EGIS) – Australian Company Nationwide Rollout
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Case Study 1 (EGIS) – Australian Company Nationwide Rollout

Home / M2M IoT Case Studies / Asset Monitoring & Tracking / Case Study 1 (EGIS) – Australian Company Nationwide Rollout

Case Study




Emergency Services

The Problem
A multi-national company approached SEC-ENG for advice in relation to implementing a Man Down system at a national level.
The client still had traditional 2-way trucking radio, and a system for vehicle tracking that was prone to false alarms. It was sending SMS over 2G and circuit switch data (CSD), plus single server on one database.
The Solution
The client required the following:

  • New modern tracking system, through which they could manage the server system and the relevant assets
  • Man Down technology that can operate in extreme environments
  • When a system alarm was raised, an operator received the following information within in 2-5 seconds:

1. Vehicle location
2. The staff/EGIS (Man Down) units linked to the truck
3. Open 2-way voice communications to their national hotline number from the EGIS unit
4. A product that would grow with their business
5. The ability to link Man Down alarms with control functions of a vehicle, e.g. doors, motors.
The Result
Pre –planning Proof of concept:
Within 4 months, a working proof of concept was developed. The client then tested the system on the Telstra and Optus Networks in over 800 locations, as a dual alternative carrier test. Ultimately, Telstra’s coverage and network performance proved to be the most suitable for the client’s requirements.
Project Roll Out:
The project required 400 vehicle units & 850 EGIS units, as well as a fully-dedicated SQL server and disaster recovery back up. This implementation was rolled out and commissioned in 3 months, and further expansion took place in 2015 and 2016 for a further 1600 assets.
Cost saving to client:

  • Decommissioning of national radio trucking network will save hundreds of thousands of dollars, over a 3 year period
  • Instant visibility of vehicles to within 15 seconds, greater route improvement, and higher security
  • A complete reduction in false alarms across Australia

And most importantly, a greater level of security and worker safety is achieved.

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