EGIS Case Study 2 Discussion

The Problem

The client had over 450 mobile workers, who were at risk from:

  • Disgruntled clients whose claims may be rejected
  • Unknown and unsafe work sites
  • Lending staff who may be at risk while in domestic homes by unknown sex offenders
  • Staff in Transit from location to location


The Solution

The client required the following:

  • Location of the user, in the event they had not signed off for the day
  • Location of the user upon alarm activation
  • Open 2-way voice communications to the device in the event of an alarm
  • Ability to interface with their existing Security Monitoring Centre, which had no tracking system experience
  • Ability to move the system from one Security Monitoring Provider if service levels were deemed inadequate
  • A product that would grow with their ongoing needs.


The Result

Project Roll Out

The project required 450 EGIS units, with an off-site and secure Cloud-based dedicated SQL server running Pegasus, with an IP link to their nominated control room.
This implementation was rolled out and commissioned to the client in 4 weeks, with pre-loading of asset details and phone numbers.

At a national level, a workplace facilitator was engaged to perform EGIS device training for the relevant staff.


Cost saving to client

  • The client now has a reliable means of knowing where their employees are – the product has indirectly kept staff more honest about their daily work appointments
  • More importantly, in the event of an emergency there is a mechanism to assist field workers
  • It has also resulted in greater work productivity, as staff don’t need to visit the office as often
  • In addition, less high-rise office space is required, resulting in a significant cost saving


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