Retail, Vending and Point of Sale

Wireless mobile POS/EFTPOS and monitoring of vending machine in real time, reduces costs, improves performance and eliminates unnecessary service calls using M2M Connectivity’s wireless products.

Retail & Vending

Being able to monitor your vending machine in real time can help reduce lost revenue, improve machine performance, whilst also eliminating unnecessary service calls.

M2M Connectivity’s range of Bluetooth, WLAN, GSM/GPRS, 3G, CDMA and Satellite wireless products provide you with the ability to notify a central host or field staff of a machine’s performance. This message can be sent out via a text message or data packet over the wireless network for immediate action.

By deploying a wireless solution you can significantly reduce the installation cost and have great flexibility in the location of the machine because there are no wires. Wireless connectivity also provides a secure and fast payment method by the consumer for the machine’s product if EFTPOS is included.

Retail and Vending applications include

Hot and Cold beverages

Gaming Machines

Kids rides

Car wash

Parking Meters



Wireless POS/EFTPOS requirements are on the increase for both fixed and mobile EFTPOS terminals.

Wireless Mobile POS solutions provide quick and easy payment methods for couriers, trades people, while also providing a cost effective, secure and easy to install payment solution at Trade Shows, exhibitions, sporting events and carnivals.

Wireless POS for fixed locations such as supermarkets, service stations, convenience stores and retails outlets provides a significant reduction in ongoing running costs of your EFTPOS terminal due to the low cost tariffs provided by the Wireless Network Operators Worldwide. With no cables attached it also allows relocation of the terminal in the case of a retail store re fit.

Wireless POS/EFTPOS applications include

Point of Sale Terminals

Simplify processing of card payments at retail locations.

Mobile Payment systems

Mobile Payment systems for Trades people, Couriers and Taxi and limousine services

Wireless payment for Retail outlets

Wireless payment for Retail outlets including Supermarkets, Service stations, Convenience stores and Trade shows & Exhibitions

M2M Connectivity’s range of 3G/NextG, WLAN, Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS, CDMA and satellite wireless devices provides the market with a choice of products to meet the market demands.

Wireless mobile POS/EFTPOS and monitoring of vending machine in real time, reduces costs, improves performance and eliminates unnecessary service calls using M2M Connectivity’s wireless products.

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