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Home / Brand / Peplink / Upgrading to LTE for Emergency Kiosks
Home / Brand / Peplink / Upgrading to LTE for Emergency Kiosks

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Peplink Retail Case Study

A producer of emergency and help kiosks for numerous transportation, retail, education, healthcare, and public access facility kiosks with multiple indoor and outdoor locations., wanted to establish new kiosk locations and create a secure network environment for users.

Devices deployed: MAX BR1 Mini, InControl


They turned to Peplink for a solution that is secure, reliable, and accessible for people and assets. They were also looking for a flexible system that could easily add new kiosk locations without requiring extra cellular phone lines, especially in remote locations. Additionally, they wanted to be able to manage the network and communications from a central location.


Each kiosk was embedded with a MAX BR1 Mini router as these are shock and vibration certified routers. By using LTE for connectivity, there was no need for costly cellular phone lines. The devices are then monitored and managed with InControl, Peplink’s Cloud-based SD-WAN network management configuration. This solution also allows for further enhancements and the collection of valuable data  for traffic analysis.

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