Tallysman GPS L1 | L2 + GLONASS G1 | G2 + BeiDou B1 + Galileo E1 + L-Band


The TW3892 precision tuned dual band, Accutenna® technology antenna for reception of GPS L1/L2, GLONASS G1/G2 + BeiDou B1 + Galileo E1+ L-band correction services coverage and is especially designed for precision dual frequency positioning.

This antenna is ideal for precision agriculture, autonomous vehicle tracking and guidance, and other applications where precision matters.

The TW3892 covers GPS L2 (1227.6MHz), GLONASS G2 (1248MHz centre), GPS L1 | WAAS | EGNOS | MSAS (1575.42MHz), GLONASS G1 (1602MHz, centre), BeiDou B1, Galileo E1. (1561 and 1589 MHz) and L-band correction services (1525-1559MHz)

Key Features

  • Very Low Noise Preamp, < 2dΒ
  • Axial ratio: <2dB typ.
  • Tight Phase Center Variation
  • LNA Gain 35 dB typ.
  • Low current: 20 mA typ.
  • ESD circuit protection: 15 KV
  • Invariant performance from: +2.5 to 16VDC

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