Tallysman VeraChoke 6100 High Precision Full GNSS Constellation Antenna


The VeraChoke antenna (VC6100), shares a common high-efficiency element design with its counterpart VeraPhase®. However, the pyramidal-shaped rings in the choke-style form-factor have been optimised for all GNSS signals and are designed to improve reception of low elevation satellites.

The VC6100 provides high reception gain over the full GNSS spectrum: Low GNSS band (1164MHz to 1300MHz) and High GNSS band (1559MHz to 1610MHz).


• Survey
• RTK / PPP systems
• High Precision GNSS systems
• Reference Networks
• Monitoring Stations

Key Features

  • Low axial ratios from horizon to horizon
  • Very Tight Phase Center Variation (<1mm)
  • Low current (45mA)
  • Invariant performance from: +2.7 to 24 VDC

Additional information