Tallysman Embedded GPS L1 | L2 + GLONASS G1 | G2 Antenna


The TW3865 is a high precision twin dual feed, dual-band GPS L1 & L2 and GLONASS G1 & G2 antenna, especially designed for precision dual frequency positioning. It is ideal for use in dual frequency Precise Point Positioning (PPP) systems.

The TW3865 features a precision tuned, circular dual feed, stacked patch elements. The signals from the two orthogonal feeds are combined in a hybrid combiner, amplified in a wide-band LNA, then band-split for narrow filtering in each band and further amplified prior to recombination at the output. This provides truly circular response over the entire bandwidth of the antenna.

The TW3865 offers excellent axial ratio and a tightly grouped phase centre.  The TW3865 covers GPS L2 (1227.6MHz), GLONASS G2 (1248MHz centre), GPS L1 | WAAS | EGNOS | MSAS (1575.42MHz) and GLONASS G1 (1602MHz, centre).

The OEM TW3865 is supplied with a standard 60mm diameter circular ground plane, with a coaxial cable terminated with a connector (right angle MCX is shown in the drawing). Mounting holes are provided for attachment to larger ground planes. Custom tuning and ground plane options may be available, depending on purchase level.

The smallest GPS L1/L2 and GLONASS G1/G2 antenna on the market, the TW3865 is being used in dual frequency RTK systems.

Key Features

  • Very low Noise Pream, <2dB.
  • Axial ratio: <1dB typ.
  • Tight Phase Center Variation
  • LNA Gain: 28 dB typ
  • Low current: 25 mA typ
  • Wide supply voltage: 2.5 to 16 VDC

Additional information