TW2743 Single Band GNSS Antenna with Iridium


Designed to maximize the performance of Iridium Voice and Data Modems, while also supporting the upper GNSS band (1559MHz – 1606MHz), the TW2743 can be switched between a passive-Iridium mode and an active-GNSS mode by changing the input voltage to the antenna.

When the input voltage is less the 5.5VDC, the antenna will operate as a single band GNSS antenna and when the voltage is more than 5.5VDC, the antenna will operate in passive Iridium mode.

In both modes, signals at the band edges remain truly circular, providing an excellent axial ratio over the entire Iridium and upper frequency band of GNSS.

In GNSS mode, the TW2743 features a high performance, dual-feed, wide band patch element. Its Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) configuration provides a LNA for each feed, a mid section mid-section Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filter for the combined signal, followed by a final stage of LNA. This configuration provides excellent axial ratio that is constant across the upper frequency band of GNSS.

The TW2743 is housed in an industrial-grade weather-proof enclosure that can be surface mounted via magnet, screws or adhesive material.