TW2605 Embedded Iridium Antenna


Specifically designed to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio of communications over the Iridium satellite communications network, the TW2605 has a high-performance dual-feed patch element that provides great axial ratio over the entire Iridium bandwidth. The signals at the band edges remain truly circular, unlike the response of single-feed antennas.

The TW2605 provides excellent Iridium™ signal coverage and comes in a compact circular form factor with a built-in 50 mm diameter ground plane.

Tallysman offers custom tuning services to optimize the performance of the TW2605 for any OEM installation environment.

Key Features:

  • Custom high-gain, 4.5 dBic dual-feed patch
  • Great axial ratio, < 3.0 dB over full bandwidth
  • 15 kV ESD circuit protection
  • Small form factor
  • Application-specific tuning available
  • RoHS, REACH and CE compliant


  • Excellent circular polarized signal transmission
  • Industrial temperature range
  • Rugged design
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