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STREGA reveals a new edition of its IoT LoRaWAN shutoff smart-valve for critical operation.

With Class C, the valve opens or closes with no latency when a command is requested by the Command Center. And more: with its wired leak detection sensor, digital inputs or analog 0-10VDC reading, the STREGA smart-valve can trigger an immediate closing or opening even if no network is reachable.

Featuring LoRaWAN low power consumption, the STREGA valve communicates on extreme distances inside urban areas with deep indoor propagation of the signal.

For time-controlled automatic operation, the smart-valve has an embedded agenda where “scheduled” open/close is stored at valve level.


  • LoRaWAN 1.02 – Class A and C
  • Leak detection sensor
  • 2 digital inputs (dry contacts) + 1 analog 0-10VDC reading
  • License free operation on EU868 (Europe, Middle East) – US915 (North & South America/Australia) – AS923 (Australia/New Zealand, Singapore, Asia,..)
  • IoT ready (compliant with all Internet of Things platforms)
  • DN10 (3/8”) to DN80 (3”) – bigger and motorized valve sizes using add-on board
  • Temperature/hygrometry sensor
  • Bi-directional deep indoor communication
  • Fraud resistant with tamper
  • Manual override by magnet and push-buttons
  • Industrial grade (PN25, IP67, fluid up to 140°C/60°F,…)
  • Extreme range links: 15+ km/10+ mi. in LOS – 2+ km/1+ mi. in urban areas – 22+ floors inside buildings
  • Available with minimal flow in close position (trickle of 50L/h) and “slow closing” edition
  • Works on private or public operator network
  • Free of charge Android/iOS mobile App