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Peplink Range - Now Available! Peplink provides a complete SD-WAN solution; including edge routers which can connect multiple fixed or cellular WAN links at the same time.


Live Q&A - Digital Twins | Toward a 5G Evolution in Mining

Register! Live Q&A with industry leaders - How to Optimise Operations with Digital Twins Technology. Thursday15th April, 3pm AEST. Sponsors: ARQ group, M2M Connectivity & Sierra Wireless


IoT Satellite Connectivity

Keep your remote workforce and assets always on. Always connected. Partnering with worlds best carrier and technology vendors, our deep engineering expertise helps businesses to design, deploy and manage IoT Satellite connectivity.


IoT Developer Webinar Series

For Industrial IoT application developers, systems integrator's and designers, this webinar program is your opportunity to expand your connectivity know how. We’ll be talking with leading vendors and solutions providers about the latest IoT applications for a broad range of industries.


Webinar - Digital Twins in Manufacturing | Optimising Operations and Accelerating Design with Sierra Wireless Octave

Watch the replay! An opportunity to hear from global IoT experts about how digital twin technology can accelerate manufacturing efficiency.


Agriculture's Connected Future - Expert Panel Discussion

Watch Now! An opportunity to hear from world-leading experts how IoT technology can increase agricultural efficiency and help the sector ride the wave of innovation heading its way – from 5G to new farm-focused systems and devices. Replay now available!


Iridium Edge® Solar

The intelligent, secure, maintenance-free, solar-power asset manager.


"3G Shutdown - Is your IoT application protected?"

Telstra have announced the shutdown of 3G by 2024. Without action now, systems that you rely on to run your business may not work after this date.



We specialise in technology for the Australian landscape – from devices to monitor mines to keeping people connected in the outback.


Our Australian design and engineering team are experts in wireless integration and system design. They bring data, devices and software together to create bespoke, best-in-class solutions.


Our reputation and expertise in wireless integration, sees us working across sectors including agriculture, smart cities, health, and mining.

Our Latest News

Read the latest M2M Connectivity company news to see how we’re helping business to adapt and grow with the IoT.


M2M and ARQ target mining sector with 5G-ready technology

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Australian technology companies M2M Connectivity and ARQ Group have launched a new partnership to deliver digital twin technology for mining companies looking to harness 5G. Backed by M2M’s parent company…

M2M Connectivity will act as the master distributor of Peplink across Australia and New Zealand

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29 March 2021 – Peplink, a connectivity company specialized in enabling highly resilient and scalable networks anywhere, and M2M Connectivity, a reputable Australian IoT firm, will enter into a partnership with a…

Sierra Wireless acquires Auckland-based technology firm M2M One NZ

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New Zealand technology firm M2M One NZ has been acquired by Canada-based Sierra Wireless – the world’s leading IoT solutions provider. Sierra Wireless® offers a broad portfolio of edge-to-cloud solutions, comprised of…

M2M Connectivity signs new reseller agreement with RobustelANZ to bring 5G IoT technology to the Australian market.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 11th November 2020 Melbourne, Victoria: M2M Connectivity has today reconfirmed its partnership with RobustelANZ. The partnership will see M2M offer Robustel 5G gateways, including Robustel’s first 5G-capable…

Our Products

Making your hardware purchases through M2M Connectivity ensures easier implementation of an application. We can recommend the most suitable product and customize it to your specific needs, saving you time and resources.

We provide IoT expertise and technology that helps power a diverse range of  industry applications.

Our Services

M2M Design Services comprises a team of highly skilled engineers and support staff focused on developing services to support integration for M2M/IoT applications, and providing managed services to support the on-going reliable operation of these solutions.

Managed Services

Our team can help your company to manage your hardware, provide suitable mobile data & plans, manage your IoT network and provide monitor tool to predict events regardless the underneath technology.

Integration Services

Our in-house passionate Engineering team can help your company to integrate technology faster.

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Our Solutions

M2M and IoT applications are used to improve efficiencies and profitability in nearly every industry. M2M Connectivity have worked with a variety of industries and applications in our 15+ years in operation.

Fleet & Transportation

M2M Fleet Management, Telematics and Transport solutions offer a cost effective means of managing your fleet of vehicles as well as the goods being transported in real time via a wireless network.

Smart Agriculture

Applications involving wireless sensor networks using evolving communication technologies are being deployed in the agricultural industry to lower production costs and improve yield productivity.

Smart Utilities

M2M industrial automation and monitoring solutions, ideal for utility markets, enable data collection and transfer, remote configuration and download of applications, diagnostics, control, network connectivity and more.

Smart Environment

M2M Connectivity offers products for environmental monitoring including sensors to monitor ambient air, detecting levels of emissions, dust, gases, movement, humidity, temperature and moisture.

Industrial IoT & M2M

Connect your machines to monitor, collect, exchange and analyse valuable data that can help reduce machine downtime, improve staff safety and give you the tools to streamline plant efficiency.

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Network Technologies We Support

As a specialist in wireless M2M/IoT communications M2M Connectivity pride ourselves on being able to work with a range of technologies from short range to satellite and everything in-between.

Low Power Wide Area Network

Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology uses available public radio spectrum to allow transmission of M2M/IoT data over long range with minimal power consumption and overheads. M2M Connectivity can provide hardware and services to aid in the construction of your own private LoRaWAN or SIGFOX IoT network, or hardware that is compatible with Australian & New Zealand public LPWAN networks.

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GPS/GNSS and Positioning

A major facet of most M2M/IoT applications is being able to locate a remote device or asset at a moments notice and with a high level of accuracy – this is where incorporating positioning technology like GNSS/GPS receivers provide a crucial component. GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) offer global coverage with support of GPS, GLONASS and QZSS.

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In a country with as diverse and disparate terrain as Australia the reality for a large number of M2M/IoT applications that focus on remote monitoring, management and control is that cellular coverage may not be enough. Recognising this fact M2M Connectivity have been working with major satellite hardware and airtime providers globally to offer our customers one of the largest ranges of M2M/IoT specific satellite solutions in Australia.

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Short Range

When location, budget or environment make implementing long range technologies such as cellular and satellite impractical, M2M Connectivity assists customers with a variety of short range RF technologies including Zigbee, Bluetooth, Tinymesh, RC232 and WiFi.Short Range RF is ideal for M2M/IoT applications such as:Smart metering

Utilising WiFi to reduce costs for a Smart Home solution, or Implementing Bluetooth/Zigbee protocols for low-emission medical monitoring.

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With the advent and implementation of LPWAN technologies M2M Connectivity now offer a range of hardware to support high-speed, high-throughput applications, and are working with our partners to provide solutions for the M2M/IoT specific sub-branches of LTE including: LTE Cat-1, LTE Cat-M1 and NB-IoT.

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Why M2M Connectivity?

Our Expertise

We specialise in IoT connectivity for Smart Cities, Smart Utilities, Asset Tracking, Agriculture, Security and emergency applications.. and more.

Our Capabilities

From hardware to solutions – we help businesses to design, deploy and manage their connectivity requirements.

Our People

We have deep engineering expertise in IoT – who ensure you have the best fit soluton for your business.

Our Partnerships

We partner with worlds best carrier and technology vendors, to meet a broad range of industry use cases.