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Here at M2M Connectivity, we offer advice & support for your IoT project – Let us help you select the best hardware, software & networks for your end-to-end solution.

We have over 15 years experience supplying and designing Smart Cities, Smart Utilities, Asset Tracking, Agriculture, and Security/Surveillance applications.

Low Power, Long Range
IoT Solutions

LPWAN (low power, wide area networks) are driving the next wave of IoT applications.

Let us help you connect to the future.

M2M Connectivity are proud to be the Australian distributor for a number of the worlds leading brands in M2M & IoT.


Our Main Brands Include:

Our Services 

In addition to supplying hardware M2M Connectivity are able to provide integration, consulting and design services to get your M2M/IoT project off the ground quickly.

M2M and IoT Hardware Services

M2M and IoT Hardware Services

M2M Connectivity can provide advice and support on developing from a board level or integrating existing hardware for developers and customers, enabling wireless M2M products and projects to be brought to market quickly.

M2M and IoT Software Development Services

M2M and IoT Software Development Services

The team at M2M Connectivity are able to design custom software to your requirements. Our software development services cover everything from firmware to complete applications.

M2M and IoT Managed Services

M2M and IoT Managed Services

M2M Connectivity’s comprehensive managed services offering provides everything you need to help maintain and scale your M2M & IoT business including: installation, customisation, monitoring, upgrades and support.

M2M and IoT System Integration Services

M2M and IoT System Integration Services

The team at M2M Connectivity aren’t just familiar with the brands we stock but with a wide array of components, software and finished M2M/IoT devices, whatever your requirements our system integration team can help you complete your project.

Device Management Services

M2M and IoT Device Management Services

As your fleet of M2M/IoT devices grow being able to manage firmware and software updates becomes a critical task that requires dedicated resources. Let M2M Connectivity take the hassle out of managing your devices remotely.

M2M and IoT Data Services

M2M and IoT Data Services

M2M Connectivity have experience working with major network operators across Australia & New Zealand to provide managed connectivity solutions for M2M/IoT devices including private IP allocation, VPN and SIM management.

Technologies We Support

As a specialist in wireless M2M/IoT communications M2M Connectivity pride ourselves on being able to work with a range of technologies from short range to satellite and everything in-between.


M2M Connectivity have spent 15+ years working with cellular technology from analog, CDMA and 2G/GSM networks to now specialising in the prevailing 3G & LTE networks across Australia and New Zealand.

M2M Connectivity began working with 3G technology from it’s inception realizing that 3G/NextG networks in Australia would offer higher speed data throughput, greater network coverage and longer network life for M2M & IoT applications.

With the advent and implementation of LTE the latest standard in the mobile network technology, M2M Connectivity now offer a range of hardware to support high-speed, high-throughput M2M/IoT applications and are working with our partners to provide solutions for the M2M/IoT specific sub-branches of LTE including: LTE Cat-1, LTE Cat-0 and NB-IoT


In a country with as diverse and disparate terrain as Australia the reality for a large number of M2M/IoT applications that focus on remote monitoring, management and control is that cellular coverage may not be enough. Recognising this fact M2M Connectivity have been working with major satellite hardware and airtime providers globally to offer our customers one of the largest ranges of M2M/IoT specific satellite solutions in Australia.

M2M Connectivity stock a range of modems and accessories for Satellite telemetry covering one way (Simplex) and Two Way (Duplex) Data Communications that operate on the Inmarsat, Orbcomm, Iridium and Globalstar satellite networks globally.

Whether your application requires short burst simple messaging or prolonged IP connectivity, M2M Connectivity have a solution that will suit your requirements.

Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN)

An emerging technology designed specifically to benefit the millions of devices predicted to be connected to The Internet of Things (IoT) Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology uses available public radio spectrum to allow transmission of M2M/IoT data over long range with minimal power consumption and overheads.

Currently supporting both LoRaWAN, a MAC protocol for a high-capacity long-range and low power star network that the LoRa Alliance has standardised and SIGFOX a specific global series of networks designed and dedicated to the IoT; M2M Connectivity can provide hardware and services to aid in the construction of your own private IoT network or hardware that is compatible with Australian & New Zealand public LPWAN networks.


Short Range

There are times when location, budget or environment make implementing long range technologies such as cellular and satellite impractical. In these instances M2M Connectivity can assist customers with a range of short range RF technologies that can be integrated along side long range applications or stand alone as a single solution.

Whether it’s building a localised short range mesh network for M2M/IoT applications like smart metering, utilsing WiFi to reduce costs for a Smart Home solution or implementing Bluetooth/Zigbee protocols for low emission medical monitoring.  M2M Connectivity can provide a range of hardware and design services to suit your needs.

Included in our range of supported short range technologies are: Zigbee, Bluetooth, Tinymesh, RC232 and WiFi.

GPS/GNSS and Positioning

A major facet of most M2M/IoT applications is being able to locate a remote device or asset at a moments notice and with a high level of accuracy, this is where incorporating positioning technology like GNSS/GPS receivers provide a crucial component.

GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) offer global coverage with support of GPS, GLONASS and QZSS.

The Global Positioning System (GPS), a U.S. space-based global navigation satellite system, the Russian GLONASS and the QZSS (fully operational from 2013) from Japan,  all provide reliable positioning, navigation, and timing services to worldwide users on a continuous basis in all weather, day and night, anywhere on or near the Earth.

Industry Experience

M2M and IoT applications are used to improve efficiencies and profitability in nearly every industry. M2M Connectivity have worked with a variety of industries and applications in our 15+ years in operation.

Our Local Partners

M2M Connectivity regularly work with local partners to find you the most suitable IoT | M2M solution.

Digital Matter

Sec-Eng Systems

Eden Worth

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