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M2M Connectivity, a Sierra Wireless Company –  We provide IoT expertise and technology that helps power industries, improve lives, and paves the way for the next generation of wireless innovation. We make wireless work anywhere.

Our company

We are an Australian technology company with almost twenty years’ experience designing, integrating and providing the data for industrial IoT systems.

Our design and engineering team are experts in wireless integration and system design. They bring data, devices and software together to create bespoke, best-in-class solutions.

Together with our parent company Sierra Wireless, we provide our customers with access to a global network of knowledge, technology and support. We make wireless work in any environment.

Expertise Spotlight | IoT Satellite Connectivity

Partnering with worlds best carrier and technology vendors, our deep engineering expertise helps businesses to design, deploy and manage IoT Satellite connectivity.

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Partnering with worlds-best device manufacturers

M2M Connectivity has partnered with the leading brands of Machine to Machine (M2M) to distribute a full range of wireless module, modem, router and other accessories for M2M / IoT communication.

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7th January 2020, Sierra Wireless completed the acquisition of M2M Connectivity

Our purpose

At M2M Connectivity we are helping our customers transition into a new wireless world where machines, devices and people are more connected, and new types of data can be created and captured to unlock faster, smarter ways of working.

We combine our unique in-house engineering expertise with the best devices and data services to create smart, integrated solutions which work in even the most remote and rugged environments.

Improving On-Site Health and Safety

SmartCap combined M2M Connectivity’s hardware services and expertise with Sierra Wireless AirLink 4G/LTE gateway technology to improve mining safety.

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Securing & Improving Medical Data Management

M2M Connectivity helped to improve the Australian healthcare system in every participating clinic by allowing remote patient monitoring and assessment.

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Our latest news

Read the latest M2M Connectivity company news to see how we’re helping business to adapt and grow with the IoT.

Libelium Plug&Sense LTE Cat M1/NB-IoT Modem Range now fully RCM approved

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 14th October 2020 Libelium Plug&Sense LTE Cat M1/NB-IoT Modem Range now fully RCM approved M2M Connectivity launches the Libelium P&S range for LTE Cat M1/NB-IoT for sale in…

The Opportunity for IoT in Creating Smarter and Safer Cities Post-COVID

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Since the global pandemic hit in March Australians have become addicted to data. Case numbers, infection rates, daily death tolls and fortnightly averages have become familiar figures.   COVID has…

How we’re helping

AssetLink-Suriname-MaritimeM2M IoT Case StudiesMaritimeAssetLink Case StudiesSatellite

Case Study – AssetLink Global Deploys Small Vessel Monitoring Solution (SVMS) with Contract in Suriname

This Small Vessel Monitoring Solution equips fishing vessels with satellite monitoring systems to track their location and route distress calls. 
Emergency-Phone-Services-Hero-ImageM2M IoT Case StudiesEmergency ServicesRetail POS and VendingMiningSecurity & SurveillanceConnected Health

Case Study – Emergency Phone Systems for Business

Background - M2M Connectivity were quick to recognise a major issue with emergency phones working in the NBN environment - if there is a power outage
CardioScan-Hero-ImageM2M IoT Case StudiesConnected Health

Case Study – CardioScan Securing & Improving Medical Data Management

CardioScan is always looking for ways to enhance the security and reliability of transferring medical data. M2M Connectivity worked with M2M One to...

"At M2M Connectivity we make wireless work in any environment"

Daryl Chambers, Director at M2M Conectivity

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