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Home / Brand / Peplink / Deploying at Hoiana Resort

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Hoiana Resort is one of the two largest international five-star luxury casino resorts in Vietnam. In addition to its high-end modern casino, golf courses, and other facilities, Hoiana Resort also invested in a mobile internet system for their limousines. These are for VIP guests to use while travelling around the Quang Nam Area.

With customer satisfaction as a top priority, VIP guests must have access to a stable and fast internet connection in the limousine. Their devices also need to have reliable roaming capabilities. The mobile internet system needs a flexible solution that’s easy to develop and upscale while meeting the needs of the central management mode and supporting remote configuration through the Cloud.

Hoiana Resort turned to Genco to provide a solution for their fleet of limousines. Genco deployed MAX Transit Duos in each limousine for Bandwidth Bonding. Whenever two SIM cards lose connection, two additional SIM cards provided Hot Failover to continue providing internet. Genco also installed a Balance 1350 at the control centre for an uninterruptible connection and created a VPN connection to the limousines for transmitting dashcam footage in real-time.

VIP guests had access to a reliable internet connection as they sat in the limousines, allowing Hoiana to provide top-quality service around the clock. Additionally, Hoiana can easily change the number of routers with minimal time and effort. This is due to Peplink’s flexible and easy installation that’s paired with InControl, the cloud management software. Hoiana Resort achieved a cost-effective solution with Genco and still met the high standards of service and performance that are expected from a five-star resort.