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Don Mueang Airport was the world’s largest and low-costing carrier in 2015 with 40 million passengers annually. They are also Thailand’s second busiest airport. This requires Don Mueang Airport to regularly hold Emergency Response Plan training to maintain high standards of service and safety. The training is also live-streamed to other staff for them to watch and learn.

Don Mueang Airport needs an unbreakable connection to simultaneously live-stream at least eight video feeds from the airport runway with no cellular signal. The airport can only provide a regular internet connection for use that’s expensive. The airport needs a much more cost-effective solution.

CYN Communication devised a solution consisting of eight encoders with one for each camera, four MAX Transit Duos, four generic routers, and Peplink’s FusionHub as a virtual server. These were paired with a UPS, a USB power bank, and a DC adapter power supply. The cameras’ feeds were transmitted to the encoders paired with the MAX Transit Duo routers, which transmitted to the FusionHub Server.

Don Mueang Airport’s staff can now watch the live training with a latency of under one second because of the fast upload speeds of the SIM cards combined with SpeedFusion. The live streams are perfectly stable and jitter-free, thanks to WAN Smoothing and CYN Communication’s solution.