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Flexible “Last Mile Connectivity” Setup

Home / Brand / Peplink / Flexible “Last Mile Connectivity” Setup

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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

A telecom tower infrastructure company in Southeast Asia offers construction, management, and leasing services to all local mobile operators. They need to provide a flexible “last mile connectivity setup.”

The company needs a “last mile connectivity setup” to reduce time-consuming and expensive fixed cables. Requiring a single LTE connection with failover, the company wants to provide an unbreakable link between 2,500 telecom towers and their headquarters.

Turning to Peplink for a solution, a Balance EPX was installed at the headquarters. As the industry’s most powerful SD-WAN router, the EPX is capable of supporting 20,000 users. A high availability setup is created with a second Balance EPX running as backup. MAX BR1 Minis were deployed at the telecom towers for their wide operating range and Power Terminal Block, which supports a secure power supply installation in harsh weather conditions. With InControl, the setup can be monitored and managed remotely.

With this last mile connectivity setup, the company can now use cellular connectivity instead of expensive fixed lines. The setup proves to be flexible and cost-effective. It allows for a resilient integration to meet the needs of the company.