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Home / M2M IoT Case Studies / retail / Future-Proofing Site Connectivity with an Emulated CSD over IP Solution
Home / M2M IoT Case Studies / retail / Future-Proofing Site Connectivity with an Emulated CSD over IP Solution

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Washtec were previously using technology that relied on the GSM network to manager their fleet of carwashes. M2M Connectivity were able to create a software solution that prevented expensive and time-consuming replacements to Washtec’s systems.

Company Profile

WashTec has been active in the car wash industry for over 45 years, and has branches, subsidiaries and distributors spanning the globe. Their equipment washes over 1 million cars a day, worldwide. In Australia alone, they operate over 500 establishments, and continue to grow.

Business Needs

The impending shutdown of GSM across all Australian network providers left WashTec with a large problem – until now, the condition and status of these carwashes had been monitored via the car wash software, meaning each site had to be dialled and the data downloaded via CSD technology. 

The GSM shutdown meant that the existing CSD technology needed to be replaced. 

In addition, existing company software and internal processes would be expensive to modify or replace.

Solution (Service provided by M2M Services team)

Using modems with software developed by M2M Connectivity’s Services Team combined with the 3G mobile network, M2M were able to emulate the existing CSD configuration over an IP connection on the 3G network.


WashTec made significant savings that more than compensated for the rollout costs. In addition, there was no need to change company processes – Washtec continues to use its existing backend systems to manage their car washes.

MO = Mobile Originated MT = Mobile Terminated

This eliminated additional costs associated with re-training staff and/or purchasing new hardware or software systems at premium prices. 

The change from GSM to 3G Data usage also eliminated call charges and CSD fees. 

WashTec are now paying a monthly fee covering data usage and license fees which is less than their previous CSD costs. 

Due to increased network speeds, the time needed to collect data is significantly reduced, improving overall efficiency.