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Although the COVID-19 pandemic has halted most recreational activities, entertainers and artists like Joe T Vanelli need to stay connected to their fans. Joe T Vanelli continues to connect with his audience while maintaining social distancing through his live streams.

Planning a live stream broadcast can be complex, but it has become the new norm. Joe T Vannelli needed a reliable solution with a jitter-free connection, even when the LTE band is low. Additionally, since his tour included capturing picturesque locations in his streams, he needed an on-the-go solution.

Vannelli’s Team reached out to our partner, ComputerArea, for a solution. ComputerArea used a MAX Transit Duo LTE-A at the performance site and relied on a FusionHub at the central server to provide seamless connectivity during his streams. The performance had the best connection with the SpeedFusion tunnel, while Peplink’s WAN Smoothing technology ensured jitter-free transmission. InControl also allowed technicians to remotely perform configurations and troubleshooting whenever there was a technical problem.

Entertainers like Joe T Vannelli can confidently embrace live streaming to stay connected to their fans during these unprecedented times. Solutions like these allow performers to never worry about poor transmissions and overcome technical hurdles. Joe T Vannelli can continue to introduce beautiful sites to his viewers.