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Simon Hunter

Australian technology companies M2M Connectivity and ARQ Group have launched a new partnership to deliver digital twin technology for mining companies looking to harness 5G.

Backed by M2M’s parent company Sierra Wireless, the partnership will focus on creating digital twin solutions, which M2M and ARQ believe will help pave the way for a 5G evolution in Australia’s mining sector. Digital twins are digital replicas of systems and machinery which can be used to test, calibrate and design new processes and systems, without altering or impacting real-world operations.

The partnership draws on the experience of both organisations utilising ARQ’s consultancy services and expertise delivering digital, data and cloud solutions – combined with M2M Group’s expertise in IT network design, devices, and connectivity.

At the centre of their strategy to assist mining companies, M2M and ARQ will utilise Sierra Wireless’ Octave®, all-in-one IoT solution, to orchestrate data from device to cloud, and offer cloud-based solutions built on AWS and Azure platforms.

The aim of the partnership is to help mining companies prepare the ground for the inevitable uptake of 5G, by helping them invest in technologies now, which will be 5G compatible.

“The lower latency of 5G has the potential to significantly increase production efficiency and the cost of machinery and asset maintenance in the mining sector,” says James Litjens, Associate Director Emerging Technologies, at ARQ Group.

“Digital twin technology is a gateway technology which can help mining companies create a 5G-ready platform so they aren’t caught lagging behind when the 5G evolution hits its stride in Australia,” Litjens adds.

Sierra Wireless’ Octave solution has been deployed by large industries around the world in sectors including manufacturing, resources and utilities.

“We believe that by creating a digital twin using Octave, mining companies can help future-proof their operations and ensure they have systems in place to capitalise on the innate benefits of current 4G LPWA and future 5G networks,” says Benoit Tournier, Marketing Director – Mobile IoT Solutions, at Sierra Wireless.

“In the meantime, they will experience the additional benefits of having access to the richest real-time data which allows them to predict asset failure or plan for when maintenance might be needed. This is critical to reducing down time and keeping production operational,” Tournier adds.

Simon Hunter
Tell the World Public Relations
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About M2M Connectivity: M2M Connectivity, a Sierra Wireless Company – We provide IoT expertise and technology that helps power industries, improve lives, and paves the way for the next generation of wireless innovation. We make wireless work anywhere.

About ARQ Group: ARQ Group, formerly Melbourne IT, is a leading digital professional services company, with deep expertise in mobile, data and analytics, and cloud. ARQ Group is also one of Australia’s most awarded AWS Premium Consulting Partners

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