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M2M IoT Case Studies

Multi-Site Infrastructure in the Food Industry

By 28/09/2021November 3rd, 2021No Comments

Case Study


Retail | Connectivity


Western Europe and Africa

Implemented Products

A culinary solutions provider with a significant presence in Western Europe and Africa is the parent company to many prestigious local brands. They’re looking to create a network infrastructure between multiple sites.

The company needs to connect their headquarters to their different warehouses, farms, and vehicles. This proves to be more difficult as many of their farms are located in remote locations that require cellular connectivity. Additionally, if a fixed-line is present, the company needs the technology to utilize multiple links simultaneously.

Teaming up with Peplink, the company deployed a Balance 1350 at the headquarters, which caters up to five thousand users. At the warehouses, Balance 30 Pros were installed to combine multiple WAN’s into one unbreakable connection. MAX Transit Duos are then placed in remote farms to facilitate the bandwidth aggregation of dual cellular connections and failover when necessary. Lastly, vehicles are equipped with MAX Transit Minis with ignition sensing and GPS tracking for fleet management. Together with InControl’s central management system, all of these allow for network data to be accessible remotely.

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