Tallysman Wideband Dual Feed GPS | BeiDou | Galileo | GLONASS Antenna


The TW4721 is a compact, wideband Accutenna™ technology GNSS antenna from Tallysman that provides accurate reception for all upper L- band GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo signals ( L1, G1, B1, B1 BOC, B1-2, E1) and associated augmentation signals (WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS).

The TW4721 features a novel 25mm dual feed wideband patch element that, in sharp contrast with its competitors, provides a truly circularly polarized response, with a typical axial ratio of less than 2dB over the full bandwidth. This provides a more linear carrier phase response and substantially improved multipath rejection for higher precision applications.

The TW4721 is the smallest, lightest, GNSS antenna for reception of all GNSS constellations. It is housed in a compact IP67 magnetic mount enclosure and is available with a wide range of connector options and custom coax cable lengths.


Key Features

  • Dual feed patch element
  • 40% wider bandwidth, small footprint
  • Axial ratio: 3 dB Max. (GPS & BeiDou & Galileo)
  • Low noise LNA: 2 dB
  • High rejection mid-section SAW filter
  • High gain: 26 dB typ
  • Wide voltage input range: 1.8 to 16 VDC

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