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Home / M2M IoT Case Studies / Asset Monitoring & Tracking / Case Study – People tracking | Locate workers on a construction site
Home / M2M IoT Case Studies / Asset Monitoring & Tracking / Case Study – People tracking | Locate workers on a construction site

Case Study


Dragages Singapore

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Implemented Products

Dragages Singapore has placed its trust in ELA Innovation, Omniscient subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, and Wirepas, to secure and optimize the Glory Tower construction site. To meet this challenge, an indoor location solution using a Mesh network was deployed.


The challenge was to be able to locate 1,800 workers in real time on the second largest tower construction site in Singapore, composed of 51 floors. Omniscient, supervised the deployment of the solution in less than 2 months and also provided the business software platform. ELA Innovation supplied the tags to locate the workers. Wirepas edited Mesh Wirepas technology and provided expertise for the implementation of the network infrastructure, as its Wirepas Positioning Engine localization solution.

We chose the Blue PUCK ID Mesh tag from ELA innovation because it offers the right compromise between the size, the battery life and the robustness with a guarantee of IP68 tightness essential for a deployment on a construction site. The ability of the tag to send a signal only when moved was also an asset.  Nicolas LEMAIRE – Co-Founder of Omniscient

Client Needs

  • Locate and secure 1800 workers on each floor of the entire sit
  • Optimize the organization of the work team
  • Ensure this solution for 36 months (duration of the construction site)

The Solution

  • 1800 Blue Puck ID+ Mesh (Mobiles) and 600 Blue Puck ID Mesh (Anchors)1
  • 9 SolidSense Gateways + backup batteries
  • in junction boxes2
  • Omniscient IoT platform3

The Operating Mode

From a technical point of view, this localization solution is based on an extremely light infrastructure composed of rooter tags called anchors1. These anchors, entirely battery-powered, offer a mesh communication network with a several year autonomy. In this project, only 9 anchors were required per floor, each one measuring 2,100m2. 1,800 mobile tags2 were distributed to the workers allowing them to be located at regular interval. The mobile tags communicate with the platform thanks to a mesh network of anchors, connected to the cloud via 9 Gateways ensuring the connection between the local network and the cloud.

The raw data collected by the tags are transformed into GPS data (latitude and longitude) by the Wirepas Positioning Engine tool and visualized on the Omniscient business web application. This IoT platform has been developed to respond to construction challenges. It allows to visualize in real time the workforce by floor, by trade and by subcontractor. The Omniscient application offers the possibility to switch in one click from a plan view to a sectional view of the building. The dashboard provides information on the organization of the building site and facilitates arbitration and decision-making.

The Advantages

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Network resilience
  • Compact, robust, and waterproof tags
  • Location by floor with precision below 10 meters

The Results

  • Remotely supervised operational solution in 4 days
  • Workforce and Productivity Optimization
  • Suppression of manual counts
  • Collection of new data to improve cost and implementation of future projects.