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A privately-owned university in the Asia Pacific region needed a new network infrastructure. The university employs over 200 academic staff who teach around 2,000 students.

The university’s IT team needs to add another connection to work alongside and act as a backup to the existing fiber line, which provides connectivity to the university campus. To create independent bandwidth and web blocking for user groups, the team must implement an effective user access control solution. With more recent applications such as car park CCTV feed and IoT applications, the university needs more coverage from their connection.

An SDX was introduced to support the fiber WAN connection while allowing access to 2,000 users. Pairing with a Peplink 48-port SD-Switch allows for great scalability while InControl provides easy management. The MAX BR1 Classic and the SDX create a SpeedFusion tunnel for a secure and reliable line for the CCTV feeds. Additionally, a Balance 20X is used at the AR/VR lab, allowing remote access to IoT platforms. Meanwhile, classrooms have AP One Mini access points to provide strong connectivity for the students.

The infrastructure received an all-around revamp that provided reliable and fast connectivity. The university can now manage restrictions for predefined user groups controlling internet access independently and without interference. There’s also a stable and secure VPN tunnel for data transmission from the CCTV system to the IoT platform.