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LoRaWAN is a MAC protocol for a high-capacity long-range and low power star network that the LoRa Alliance has standardised for Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN). The LoRaWAN protocol is optimised for low cost, battery operated sensors and includes different classes of nodes to optimise the trade-off between network latency and battery lifetime.

Fully bi-directional, reliable and safe, LoRaWAN was designed to easily locate mobile objects for asset tracking, which is one of the fastest growing volume applications for Internet of Things (IoT). As LoRaWAN is deployed for nationwide networks by major telecom operators around the world, the LoRa Alliance is standardising LoRaWAN to make sure the different nationwide networks are interoperable.

In Australia we use a modified version of the 900 MHz LoRaWAN that is designed for the US market. M2M Connectivity is working with vendors who meet the band requirements for the Australian market.  There are several public networks being proposed or built out but it is also possible for customers to build their own private network and M2M can support you project in this area.

In NZ Spark is looking to roll out a LoRaWAN network n the 915-927 MHz range (same as used in Australia).  Another operator, Kotahi, is building out a network in the 865-867 MHz frequency band (similar to that used in Europe).

We distribute the world leading Kerlink LoRaWAN gateways range, with all models designed for the Australian frequency bands. in the coming months we will launch their first v2 hardware gateways which will support geolocation services over LoRaWAN. Kerlink gateways can be connected via ethernet or integrated cellular modems.

For customers wanting to test solutions on LoRaWAN we have the Libelium product range of Plug&Sense and Waspmote modems supporting 100+ different sensors

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