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Build a secure, flexible, and easily accessible network in your organization today. Empower your employees to seamlessly adapt to a world that’s constantly being redefined, from whenever and wherever they are.

Many businesses require secure VPN connections around the clock to share resources and handle sensitive data, which is time-consuming and expensive to maintain. In addition, working from remote locations forces employees to rely on a single and inconsistent connection that results in jitter and packet loss in video calls.

Peplink and their partners have network solutions for all business connectivity needs. Connecting the MAX BR1 Mini to Peplink’s SpeedFusion Cloud allows multiple connections to be used. This provides businesses with a strong connection with Hot Failover to improve reliability and security. WAN Smoothing also ensures smooth and jitter-free VoIP and video conferences. In addition, the MAX Transit Duo enables Bandwidth Bonding, which combines multiple connections into a single, fast mega-connection.

Companies can use a secured VPN tunnel for remote workers to connect to HQ by implementing a multi-WAN Peplink setup. The setup uses Peplink’s Bandwidth Bonding and Hot Failover SpeedFusion technologies. These combine the bandwidths of multiple links and seamlessly failover to another connection if the primary WAN source is lost.