Maxtena Multiband-Helix-1539


The Multiband-Helix-1539 is a compact multi-band antenna designed by Maxtena using an 8 element RHCP helix antenna, with optional integrated filter. The filter improves filtering and rejection, which reduces the real estate required on the main application board. The antenna operates across; BeiDou, GPS L1, GLONASS, and Omni-star bands and offers an excellent axial ratio and gain performance.

This high performance compact antenna is built on proprietary Maxtena Helicore™ technology which provides exceptional pattern control, polarization purity and high efficiency. The antenna includes a short U.FL pigtail connector for easy installation.  The Multiband-Helix-1539 is mounted and hidden on the inside of an application’s housing with the antenna element custom tuned to an application’s enclosure.

Applications  include:

• Vehicle and fleet tracking
• Military & security
• Asset tracking
• Oil & gas industries
• Navigation devices
• Mining equipment
• LBS & M2M applications
• Handheld devices

Key Features

  • Ultra Compact 8 Element Multiband RHCP Helix
  • Multiple Operating bands 1539MHz-1610 MHz – Beidou | GPS L1 |GLONASS | Omni-star
  • Maxtena patented Helicore™ light-weight air-dielectric design
  • U.FL coaxial 50 Ohm termination

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