Low Profile Iridium Only Magnetic Mount Antenna and Cable


The Hirschmann HIRD-MX-0106A Iridium antenna and cable is designed to deliver reliable Iridium network access and data call quality for the successful use of satellite communication technologies.  The MX-0106A is Iridium certified.

Hirschmann’s small size high performance Iridium antenna with a magnetic mount is an ideal easy to install solution where only Iridium functionality is required. The MX-0106A features a rugged low profile housing and comes with 1.5m cable.  The kit is supplied with an additional 3m cable extension.

Key Features

  • 63 x 63mm footprint & 18mm height
  • Iridium Certified
  • Low Profile
  • Compact Design
  • Rugged Housing
  • High Performance
  • Magnetic Mount
  • Kit comes with 4.5m cable and SMAm connector

Additional information