Tallysman Embedded Globalstar™ Certified STU Antenna


The TW2505 by Tallysman Wireless is a professional grade, embedded, passive left hand circularly polarised antenna for the 1610- 1620MHz frequency band, certified and specifically designed to maximise the performance of the GlobalStar™ STU (Simplex Transmit Unit) Modem.

The TW2505 features a high performance dual-feed patch element that provides great axial ratio (3dB max) over the entire GlobalStar™ frequency band, thus signals at the band edges remain truly circular, unlike the response of single feed antennas.

The TW2505 provides excellent GlobalStar™ signal coverage, and comes in a compact circular form factor with a built-in 50mm diameter ground plane and with a 15cm RG174 cable.

Key Features

  • Custom high gain 4.25 dBic dual-feed patch
  • Great axial ratio, 3 dB over full bandwidth
  • ESD 15 KV circuit protection
  • Robust design
  • Small form facto

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