Globalstar Simplex STx3 Module


The STx3 module is the latest Simplex Transmitter Unit (STX) from Globalstar. Even smaller than the STx2, it is designed to help customers design and build compact and efficient communications devices where space is at a premium.

Using the Globalstar Simplex data network, the STx3 allows information to be transmitted from areas beyond the reach of cellular coverage. Affordable pricing, low-power consumption and very small size make the STx3 satellite transmitter a highly efficient device ready for integration in a wide variety of applications. The STx3 module sends one-way data messages via the Globalstar Simplex Network when integrated into a tracking or monitoring device.

Key Features

  • Very low power consumption
  • Very small footprint for integration
  • Surface mount design
  • 28.70mm x 20.57mm x 4.13mm

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