Indoor location starter kit – Light


Compatible in harsh industrial environments, the indoor localization solution will allow you to consult in real time and in a 100% autonomous way, the position of people and equipment.

Based on Mesh technology developed by WIREPAS, this indoor location solution in addition works with ELA Innovation’s beacons. Composed of a set of tags that can be mobile or fixed, this bidirectional network makes it possible to emit light or sound signals through dynamic interactions.

The battery-less infrastructure, which requires no connection, facilitates the deployment of the solution and ensures a highly competitive total acquisition cost.


25 Tags Blue PUCK ID Mesh (with NFC setting)

  • 10 mobiles Tags
  • 15 anchors Tags

1 plug and play gateway

1 NFC reader

3 months of access to the Wirepas Network Tool (Cloud + PC)

  • Vizualisation of Tag positions in real time
  • Vizualisation of the state of the network
  • Importing floorplans, placing and updating of the anchor nodes
  • 3 months of access to Wirepas technical support