Q4000 Iridium Modem with Cellular | GPS


Quake Global’s Q4000 Satellite series modems for Iridium provide Iridium Satellite SBD connectivity with cellular connectivity and GPS.  There will be a Cat M1 version of the Q4000 coming soon.

The Q4000 is fully user programmable and can be used for stand-alone applications using its high performance processor and a flexible Application Programmer’s Interface.  There is also an optional configuration software that lets you configure the modem without the need for more complex programming.  This configuration software allows the user to input settings for almost all features on the Q4000 platform.

For monitoring applications the Q4000 provides 2 external analog inputs and 8 digital GPIO’s, together with 3 external RS-232 serial ports. The Q4000 includes built-in software support for messaging using the J1939 protocol making Q4000 well suited for monitoring operating parameters on vehicles or heavy equipment.  For tracking applications it is possible to order a variant of the Q4000 with an on-board GPS chipset that provides the location of your mobile asset.

If you do not require Cellular and/or GPS there are lower cost modem options with these removed.

Key Features

  • Dual Mode Iridium + Cellular + GPS
  • 2 analogue inputs
  • 8 GPIO
  • 4 Digital Outputs (RELAY)
  • Individual inputs can be specifically configured to continuously monitor sensors
  • Fully user programmable
  • Operates as a stand-alone solution for global asset tracking
  • CAN Bus included

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