Iridium Edge Pro


The Iridium Edge Pro, A standalone Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) device offering real-time GPS tracking capabilities and remote monitoring in a flexible programming platform to develop, create and implement custom applications and solutions. A perfect solution for remote monitoring and tracking, fisheries vessels, fleet management and a variety of remote monitoring applications.

Key Benefits

  • Low Latency Solution – Always on connection providing an ideal solution for IoT, IIoT and M2M applications, services and solutions.
  • Reliable True-Global Coverage – Worldwide service – Anywhere on the planet
  • Highly Mobile Solution – Compact, reliable and easily deployable solution. Ideal for agriculture, fisheries, oil and gas, mining, transportation. Remote monitoring and tracking for vehicles and remote assets anywhere on the planet.


  • True Global Coverage
  • Quick partner (VAR) development using Java
  • Common services including geofencing, event logging and position reporting
  • Easily paired with cellular solutions using programmable interfaces Standalone finished product for GPS tracking
  • Programming over the air
  • Low-cost development kits available
  • Eclipse based IDE and Virtual Device emulators

Data Sheet

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