Iridium 9523 Evaluation Kit


The Iridium 9523 Developer’s Kit for the Iridium 9523 voice and data transceiver module is designed to support developers wishing to integrate the module into their application. It is intended to be mounted onto a field application (FA) board using four corner screw holes, four corner alignment screws, and central alignment pin. More information on the 9523 is provided in the 9523 Developer’s Guide.

The Iridium 9523 Developer’s Kit includes a 9523 already mounted onto a 9523 Test Interface Board (TIB), which serves as an example application board and allows use of the 9523 with off-the- shelf hardware (e.g. with the 5V DC power supply provided in the kit, an Iridium-approved antenna, and an Iridium Intelligent Handset).

Developer’s Kit includes:
1 x Iridium 9523 with PTT support
1 x Iridium 9523 Test Interface Board (TIB)
1 x AC/DC 6V Power Supply
4 x Screws (M1.6X0.35X5MM Torx Plus Recessed Flat Top Pan Head)
1 x CD containing Iridium 9523 Developer’s Kit Guide (this document), Iridium 9523 Developer’s Guide, warranty, evaluation form, and application board reference design files

Key Features

  • Evaluation kit for Iridium 9523 module
  • Simplify integration into a design

Additional information