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Home / M2M IoT Case Studies / Transportation / Securing the transport of pharmaceutical products
Home / M2M IoT Case Studies / Transportation / Securing the transport of pharmaceutical products

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ELA Innovation and Sud Télématique secure the traceability of the cold chain during the transport of pharmaceutical products. The traceability of the cold chain during transport of heat-sensitive products is a major challenge for both economic or public health reasons. This area is governed by numerous charters and regulations that may vary depending on the country and the nature of the product transported.

It is against that background that Chrono Transexpress, a transport company, has trusted ELA Innovation and Sud Télématique for securing the delivery of pharmaceutical products thanks to a real-time temperature control and traceability solution.


Thanks to this connected monitoring solution, Chrono Transexpress has been able to strengthen the security of its deliveries of heat-sensitive products (medicines, vaccines, etc.) for its many customers in the healthcare sector (clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, retirement homes, etc.).

We transport sensitive and very expensive medical products. The data being upload on the Road Link platform thanks to the temperature sensors allow us to control our deliveries. We give access to temperature charts to our customers who can track in real-time our deliveries by position tracking and maintenance of the cold chain. This allows us to remain in compliance with the charters and regulations that govern the transport of pharmaceutical products. Smaïl HAMDANI – Company manager – CHRONO Transexpress

The Client Needs

  • Measure the temperature in real time and alert the driver in case of variations thanks to wireless connectivity.
  • Keep an accurate and reliable history of temperature variations.
  • Give the carrier and customer access to data histories.


Blue PUCK T EN12830
• Gateway (GPS box)
• ROAD LINK SaaS Plateform

How it works

From a technical point of view, the temperature monotoring solution is based on Bluetooth Low Energy technology. The Blue PUCK T EN12830 wireless temperature sensors are installed in Chrono Transexpress’s refrigerated trucks and trailers. The GPS boxes embedded in the fleet of vehicles will serve as a gateway, making it possible to retrieve the sensor datas on the Road Link SaaS platform developed by Sud Télématique.

The latter will translate those sensor data and convert them into reports or charts, allowing real-time monitoring of temperature variations. The IoT app will also send immediate alerts to drivers on their smartphones if the temperature threshold is exceeded.

The Road Link platform will also allow Chrono Transexpress customers to have access to fridge truck data through the creation of sub-accounts. This connected solution therefore allows the customer to secure the transport of the goods for which he is responsible, to protect himself in the event of a dispute and to gain efficiency. All this while complying with the rules and standards in force.


  • Permanent and real-time monitoring of the temperature of the refridgerated trailers
  • Quick and easy installation of sensors.
  • Reliability and high accuracy of datas.
  • Quick and easy access to accurate reports and history.
  • Time saving and ease of organization of deliveries
  • Better team coordination and protection in the event of disputes
  • Compliance with pharmaceutical delivery processes
  • Quality monitoring at each stage of delivery


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