Sierra Wireless MC7430 LTE-A Module


The Sierra Wireless MC7430 supports LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) networks in Australia and New Zealand.
LTE-A is the latest generation of 4G LTE network standards, aimed at improving network capacity, throughput, data speed, and operational cost-efficiency.

Designed for mobile computing, networking, and industrial machine-to-machine applications, the new MC74xx embedded modules are the fourth generation of LTE modules from Sierra Wireless and are offered in PCI Express MiniCard and also in the AirPrime EM Series (PCI Express M.2) form factor. Available in two variants, the EM7455 and MC7455 variants are suitable for North American and European networks and the Asia Pacific variants EM7430 and MC7430 are suitable for Australian and New Zealand networks.

This wide compatibility is uniquely enabled through on-board network switching – multiple firmware versions are included in each module, making it easy to provision and re-provision for different network operators as required. Coupled with support for a wide range of currently used LTE frequency bands, on-board network switching allows OEMs to streamline their inventory and operations processes, as each module supports more networks, and modules can be pre-installed and provisioned for their chosen networks when they are deployed.

To enable other upgrade needs, secure, authenticated firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) update capabilities are natively supported on the new modules.

GNSS tracking lets you locate, monitor, and deploy location-based applications and services with module variants supporting GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo satellite systems.

Key Features

  • Global coverage, 2 module variants
  • GNSS
  • On-board network switching
  • Cloud connected
  • Automatic fallback to 3G

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