Iridium 9523 Module


New version of the Iridium Core 9523(N) L-Band transceiver has been designed to be a direct drop-in replacement for the current Iridium Core 9523. 

The 9523 Iridium module is the smallest, lightest and most advanced voice and data satellite transceiver module, enabling simplified global voice and data connectivity through the world’s furthest reaching network.

Over 90% more compact than our previous model and featuring standardised connectors, it easily integrates into new partner products to reach previously under-served consumer and vertical markets – and drive global communications in ways never thought possible. The module supports Voice, PTT, Circuit Switched Data (CSD) and RUDICS, as well as being Short Burst Data (SBD) capable.

The Iridium 9523 module supports larger SBD packets than the standard modules, with Mobile Originated SBD messages up to 1960 bytes, and mobile terminated SBD messages up to 1890 bytes.

Key Features

  • Ultra compact form factor
  • Single board transceiver
  • Direct PCB integration
  • FCC, CE Approval
  • Supports voice and CSD
  • Larger SBD message size up to 1960 (MO) and 1890 (MT)
  • Supports RUDICS for larger data transfers